While UbR is one of the oldest founded guilds in Elder Scrolls Online, created the second day after launch, UbR had its lowly beginnings approximately 10 years ago as Xmen-Xtreem in WoW. We subsequently merged with a larger guild and became forever known as the family of Unburdened Raiders.  Since that time, the family has maintained an active presence in WoW, RIFT, TROVE, DEFIANC, and ESO, while our extended family members play a variety of other MMOs and assorted games. We are primarily an LGBTQ+ social guild that is also very much ALLY Friendly; however, we strive for excellence in both PVE and PVP challenges while fostering an atmosphere of friendship, camaraderie, family and combined purpose within our guild community.  We are a family, a group of friends, like-minded gamers, and MMO enthusiasts. Collectively, we endeavor to act as ambassadors within the ESO community while conquering the game’s many challenges. We expect members of the Unburdened Raiders Family to uphold our core tenets and seek out opportunities to set a positive example throughout the ESO community. These responsibilities are rewarded through our Oath Keepers’ leadership, fair guild rules, respect and prestige within the ESO community and a laid back, inclusive, eclectic and diverse atmosphere of shared enthusiasm for gaming.  Our singular purpose is the Elder Scrolls Online, and we seek exceptional members who share that focus.